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A new Christmas decoration idea of a Gourd Carousel ™ has started to become popular. This new type of decoration to your home will be original since the gourds themselves are a natural item in which there are never two exactly alike.

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The history of the gourd being used by mankind goes back to the days before pottery when a vessel to transport water or other liquids was needed. Since that humble beginning over a millennium ago, the gourd and humans have always had some type of relationship. Today they are also used as musical instruments and decorations for the many holidays that people enjoy around the world.

Today there is a Gourd Carousel ™ made for nearly every celebration and just for decoration purposes. The hard outer layer of the gourd is a perfect surface for paint to be applied and adhere to for a long life of the object. This thick outer membrane of the gourd also allows for it to be dried so it can be persevered so that it will have n extended life expectancy.

The different shapes a gourd can grow as makes it the ideal component for a Gourd Carousel ™. Most people are aware of gourds that resemble bottles but there are many more. The can be round or even with long handles. What is best is that the gourd can be carved to resemble any shape you desire and why they are such a unique item to have around the home during the holiday seasons.

Today there is a Gourd Carousel ™ made to resemble nativity scenes, Santa Clause scenes, Snowmen scenes, which are very common because of the natural round shape of certain gourds. Because of the shape that is similar to a pumpkin, the Halloween Gourd Carousel ™ decorations are also filled with Holloween figurines.

The types of paints and finishes used on a Gourd Carousel ™ will vary because of the nature of the surface. Because it is similar to cellulose as wood is made from permits the use of nearly all types of paints, but the most used is acrylics. If the Gourd Carousel ™ has a shiny finish to it then it was treated with a glossy sealer which will give the finished product the appearance of pottery.

Because of the way gourds are dried and sealed by the paint and sealer, they have been known to last for decades in retaining their original appearance when they are properly cared for. This allows for them to brighten up your room and holidays for years to come. Since they are all natural and decorated as individuals, they are also an art form that holds their value very well. This makes them a perfect item to pass down to the next generation as a heirloom or keep sake.

The type and style of a Gourd Carousel ™ you chose for an addition to your homes decoration is a personal one. Because of the flexible nature of the naturally grown fruit, the possibilities are limitless. When exploring this art form, you will be surprised and amazed at what you will find.


Gourd Carousel ™
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