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The The Gourd Carousel ™ a fine work of Art

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A Gourd Carousel ™ is a fine work of Gourd Art that is all original and appreciated by the public. One of the finer qualities of this gourd art form is the way the natural surface of the gourds is used to enhance the final piece. Since the gourd is a natural item that is grown, it final shape, color and texture are determined by nature. By developing each Gourd Carousel ™ around this natural textured item, a new level of enhancement can be achieved with each one being unique.

While not every part the Gourd Carousel ™ is made 100% out of gourds; the main canopy is in every instance. This is the surface most people see first when observing this piece of fine art work. How the artist uses this natural shape is vital to the overall appearance of the carousel whether it is for a winter scene or a Christmas carousel. These fine pieces of artwork have been finished with a eye for detail and design that no other fine art can compare to.

One of the most advantageous reasons for using the gourds as the canopy is not only the unique shape it will bring to each one, but the vast smooth surface area it provides for the artist to use as a platform for a one of kind hand painted design on it. Unlike the smaller ornamental gourds, the larger gourds have a smooth uniformed surface that is generally one shade of natural color.

After it is dried, this color is generally green or tan. This allows a place for the artist to use the natural texture of the surface to enhance the final piece of art. The use of a transparent paint is another adaptation the artist uses to bring out the natural beauty of the gourds that are used in the Christmas carousels.

Objects of fine art are created so those individuals that enjoy the finer things in life can appreciate the work created by the artist. To make sure the Gourd Carousel ™ can be viewed and enjoyed by the maximum of people and fulfill this objective, they are coated with a satin or glossy finish. This seals the natural surface of the gourds from being damaged by the atmosphere it is surrounded by after it completion. This prevents the changes in the moisture levels of the surround air from penetrating the gourd surface so the paint will not fade, the gourd itself will not age as quickly as it would otherwise and the shape of the gourd would remain constant over the life of this piece of art work.

Unlike many other decorative pieces that are put on display in the holiday season, each Gourd Carousel ™ is unique to itself. This is impart because the artist has decided to incorporate naturally grown gourds into the finished piece of art. It is also unique because it is made by the hands of an artesian that has pride and joy showing thru with each creation they present to the public.

The Gourd Carousel ™ is a fine work of Art that enhance any setting they are placed in. To enjoy them a person does not have to know a great deal about art, just an eye for detail and the knowledge that these handmade items were made to be enjoyed by all.

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Gourd Carousel ™
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