How is a Gourd Carousel ™ like a German Pyramid

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How is a Gourd Carousel ™ like a German Pyramid

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How is a Gourd Carousel ™ like a German Pyramid can easily be done with a simple comparison of the differences between them. Each of them is made with different designs for the figurine setups. The German pyramid structure is made of wood while the Gourd Carousel ™ has the all natural gourds as the base point for the structure.

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One of the less obvious similarities is that the Gourd Carousel ™ has it figurines being created by hand in every instance. This is also the case with the German Pyramid. In many of the German made one’s today, the parts are still manufactured by hand. This does not allow for a greater number of them to be produced, but allows them to individuality be a piece of art work.

What most people are not aware of is that the German Pyramid is the precursor to the Christmas tree in the German heartland. The tradition of placing Christian figurines in the pyramid started sometime in the Middle Ages and has continued to this day. The number of layers in each pyramid differs according to how the artist decides to depict the nativity scene or other Christmas figurines. The Gourd Carousel ™ follows the same type of layout and traditions. Since each of the figurines in them is made of wood and all of them are unique to each carousel that is created. Because there are different size gourds available for use in the carousel, every Gourd Carousel ™ uses the gourd itself to be the carousel structure. This is an added uniqueness to the carousel that will make it stand out from any other Christmas decoration.

One of the most often similarities between the Gourd Carousel ™ and the German Pyramid is the finish and sealers that are used to decorate the art work. The dried gourd is a similar material to wood and can have the same types of paints and sealers used to enhance its appearance. In many cases, lacquer is used because of the exquisite shine it gives the finished product. While difficult to work with, lacquer does both the job of enhancing the Gourd Carousel ™ or German pyramid as well as sealing it from the environment the display will be exposed to.

The limitations of the Gourd Carousel ™ are the size of the gourds a person has to create the carousel. For this reason most of them are made for decoration that can fit on a display case ort table top. This limitation is not present for the German pyramids which can be made to life size or larger for display in a town’s focal point or center.

Both of them can be accented with candles and can spin on the center axis so the entire display can be seen at the urges of those enjoying this unique art form. The ability to spin adds a certain elegance to the carousel so it resembles the ones children love when they were young and visiting the fair grounds.

Just how is a Gourd Carousel ™ like a German Pyramid is known in many ways. Both represent the most joyful time of the year and are exquisite forms of art that people around the world can enjoy.


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