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Why do they call it (the Gourd Carousel ™) Gourd Art is because of its nature. Just like any other form of art, the decoration pieces made with gourds, like the Gourd Carousel ™ are made to beautify the area they are in, along with bringing an inspirational feeling to those that are observing and enjoying it.

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Just like a painting in a museum, the pieces of gourd art are unique items in which there is only one exactly like it in the world. This is true even when patterns are used to create the different components of the Christmas Carousels and Gourd Pyramids. Just as there are no two apples exactly alike, all gourds, even from the same plant are unique all to itself. Since the all natural gourd is the foundation on which they (the Gourd Carousel ™) are made, each one is unique.

To help promote the uniqueness of the Gourd Carousel ™, transparent paint or dye is used. This is like stain for wood where the patterns and grains of the wood will still be visible after it is coated. With the gourds, the transparent paint adds a color twist to the finished product while still allowing the natural lines and detail to show thru.

With the many different components of the Gourd Carousel ™ being made from actual Amish gourds, the curvature of each piece is different. This is one of the reasons gourds are being used, to add that natural and unique character to a fine piece of art. This allows for a person to choose from many similar Christmas Carousels and still find one that fits their mood and sentiment just right.

A similarity the Gourd Carousel ™ has with the German Christmas Pyramid is that candles are placed in it as part of the overall allure of this type of art work. This natural lighting adds to the depth of the carousel and the figures depicted in it no matter what they are. The candles are also the engine that produces heat which in turn rises and turns the paddles, which then turn the figurines. Note: With natural candle lighting, the shadows are also brought out better which shows the best of the characters being depicted. This type of effect is unattainable with incandescent or LED lights.

Since a Gourd Carousel ™ is handmade (hand crafted and hand assembled & hand finished here in the USA), they will have unique features no machine can place in them. No two gourds can be set exactly the same. The care and precision of handmade art also increases the attention to detail. Each one is observed for ours by the artesian that is creating it, doing the little things that will make it just perfect. One of which is to make sure the stand rotates completely with no binding or scraping on the edges.

Since a great number of components are made out of the all natural gourd is why they call this gourd art. It can also be classified as Christmas art and winter art. Each Gourd Carousel ™ fits the description of each type. Best of all this art form is made to last with a top quality sealers being applied to the gourd to lock out any possible damage from the atmosphere you might place it in.


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