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The use of gourds for Figurines today is a growing form of art. While some of them might resemble the old weebles that wooble, more and more of them are becoming exquisite works of art. What a good number of people do not realize is this is an art form that dates back centuries to the native people around the world.

In Papa New Guinea the gourd figurine is covered with inner tree bark and painted with lime, charcoal and clay. They have been used in the past as characters in the folk stories the elders tell at tribal meetings and clan gatherings. In this same area of the world a figurine made from a gourd is also used to explain to the young men of the tribe how to behave socially.

Today you can find a figurine made from a gourd in nearly any shape and character you desire. One of the most common is in the theme of Christmas and the winter season, as shown in a Gourd Carousel ™. Many types of gourd are naturally round and make a great foundation for a snow man, snow woman and snow children.

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The character with the greatest variety is Santa Clause. The gourds with their round shape are a perfect match to his round and protruding belly. Since the gourds themselves can have a very thick layer after they are dried, intricate carvings can be done by master a craftsman that uses a gourd as a base for their creations.

Since the gourd is a natural product, it cannot be shaped or carved by a machine. Each gourd figurine you see on display anywhere in the world is unique to itself. There are no two alike anywhere. It would be like trying to find two snowflakes that are the same. You can get close, but there will always be differences between them.

These gourd figurines can be stand alone or in a set that can have a rotating base as in a Gourd Carousel ™. These rotating bases (or floors) are ideal when there is more than one figurine to be displayed. This allows for an admirer to observe the different sides of the gourds without having to touch them physically. Just like any other decoration, each time they are touched roughly, there is a chance of them being damaged.

In most cases the gourd figurines are covered with a glossy sealer. This does more than just make them appear to be made out of porcelain or other pottery. The sealer does what the name says; it seals the gourd from the humidity and other conditions in the environment it is exposed to. Just like any other decorative piece of art, the gourd figurines need to be properly cared for so they have a long and beautiful life while on display.

The purchase of a gourd figurine is a unique and classy way to decorate your home for the holidays and every day occasions. They are a unique and one of a kind art form that has been with us for many for centuries.


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