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Just what is a gourd and how can it be used to create a one of a kind Christmas Gourd Carousel ™ are the two most often questions that have been asked. It is true that the term gourd is used when referring to squash, melons and cucumbers, the ones used for decorative purposes are from the Lagenaria and Cucurbita genera of the Cubcurbitaceae family.

The gourds we use come directly from the local Amish farming community and are considered kettle gourds because the average size is 7 to 8 inches, but many are larger. To make the gourd usable as a component in our art, it has to be cleaned out and dried. This is done so the exact shape of the gourd can be determined for just what component of our Gourd Carousel ™ it will be used for. Since this is a fibrous material similar to wood, when can then decide what shape we will cut each of the gourds into so it will complement our Christmas Carousel. This can be as trees for the background display, butterflies or other animals to decorate the carousel or Santa’s, wisemen, a moose, deer, cloud, star or moon. It can also be used as the cave or shell part of the structure for the Christmas Carousel.

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Once it has been determined just what part each gourd will play in the construction of the Christmas Carousel that is being created, it is covered with a transparent color type of finish. This is similar to the candy apple red that is painted on cars over the silver base coat that allows for that metallic finish to be the final result.

To help ensure the Christmas Carousel will have a long and beautiful life, all gourd components are then coated with a clear coat layer of urethane. This gives each part that is made out of a gourd a deep lustrous shine. This is also what will seal the gourd from the atmosphere and help to prolong its life as an art object for decades to come. Just as with wood, this urethane layer will protect the gourd from decay as long as it remains intact.

The similarity of our Christmas Carousel to a Christmas Pyramid, like the ones from Germany, is that we place the nativity scene characters or winter characters on a solid platform of popular wood. This provides a flat and firm foundation for the shaft and bearings to be mounted so the carousel will actually turn. This feature permits you to turn the scene to any location in a 360 degree radius so the view can change as it fits your mood.

Every Gourd Carousel ™ either with a Christmas theme or winter them is 100% handmade and a unique one of a kind piece of art. There will never be two of them exactly alike but each one will add a degree of grandeur to your home where it is placed for the holiday season this year and in the future.


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